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Trees are often the focus of my landscapes. They have a way of communicatiing the quality of a time and place.

The Keys

I am revisiting...... Sky and water: a place where magic happens. These works came as a result from time spent in the Florida Keys. The horizon line is inescapable -the line of demarcation between two spectacular bodies with endless variations. Some of the pieces were done on paper using a variety of media. Many pieces were done on panels, using them in a vertical orientation. This is not the traditional way but I felt it served to emphasize cloud patterns and their reflections.


These "memoryscapes" are a result of my travels. They are primarily oil on canvas, oil on paper as well as some watercolors done on location. I consider this to be an on-going series as elements tend to reappear or they are intentionally revisited.


Ongoing work: Memoryscapes - landscapes done in oil on canvas, oil on paper and watercolor.

Italian Pines

ongoing series: These magestic and graceful pines brought to mind cathedral windows reaching skyward. The negative space created by the intertwined branches gives the illusion of faceted glass panes - capturing bits of sky. Whereas my first interpretation of these trees came after seeing them in Italy, I feel that they have now become a symbol for a spiritual space and are ever changing.


2004 Travels to Mexico have been the inspiration for these works. The colorful buildings and bright light of Mexico were the primary focus of the paintings. Places of interest were documented through sketches, paintings done on location as well as through photography. Memories merge, creating compilations of images that evoke the light, form and colors that initially held my attention.


Ongoing exploration of the remembered and reinvented landscapes of France. Images from my sketchbooks and photographs taken are used to stimulate memories which then are revisited on the canvas.

Beyond the Grove